See You In Vine Court - 18th July 2004

Convened 12noon at Vine Court then onto Puma Court, E1.
Adjourned 6pm at Choppin's Court - Wapping, E1.

A Historical Tour of E1 conducted live on the web while a representative toured the following locations.

1) Vine Court - E1, 5G 63 (6H 143) - Off Whitechapel Road
2) Puma Court - E1, 5F 63 (5E 142) - Off Wilkes Street
3) Goodman's Court - E1, 7F 63 - Near Tower Hill
4) Twine Court - E1, 7J 63 (9L 143) - Off Cable Street, Near Shadwell Station
5) Choppin's Court - E1, 1H 79 (2K 149) - Wapping

"(12noon) Entering Vine Court and you can't help but notice the scaffolding surrounding it's entrance. This could be seen as a metaphor representing the unstable nature of this locality over the centuries. The Court was first mentioned in the early 18th Century as Vine Yard Court, a storeroom for imported wine (and beer) transported from Europe. Moving on, walking along Whitechapel High Street past the East London Mosque we approach the Bell Makers Factory. It is the oldest working foundry in Great Britain. The only other working foundry is in Loughborough, the town where my Grandmother was born in 1914. She married Mostyn Cohen in 1939, he was a partner in a West-End theatre poster printing business. Their offices were just around the corner from here in Houndsditch where, oh!, I digress, moving on..." Expanded text online soon.